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Optical Sensors

eptecon provides optical sensor solutions with integrated signal processing for object detection, ranging and material analysis.


2D cameras in combination with integrated AI acceleration hardware are powerfull sensor solutions for many applications. They can be used in real time scenarios like object or person detection, anomaly detecion and more. Since the data is processed directly on the sensor there are also no security issues.


Time of Flight sensors are one of the best solutions for precise distance measurement or ranging. Beside long range and high accuracy they also provide very high frequency readings and thus are suitable for real time applications like robotics.


Spectral sensors measure reflected or transmitted light withing defined spectral range. Processing the measurement results allows to analyse the material which interacts with the light. Today’s integrated spectral sensors are of highest performance and cost efficiency. This allows users to bring materlial analytics from the lab to the sample and opens a wide range of new applications.

Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive sensing is a contactless and wear-free measurement technique which allows to sense different kinds materials. eptecon provides capacitive sensing solutions with integrated signal processing for different applications.


There is a wide range of proximity sensing applications. For different approaches the implementation of the proximity sensing can be challenging. The flexibility of capacitive sensing solutions allow to overcome many of these challenges.


With a specially designed capacitive sensor system it is possible to measure biological signals of a human such as ECG or EMG without direct skin contact.

Wireless Connectivity

eptecon provides solutions for both, local and global wireless sensor networks. We focus on low power, low data rate connectivity to be used with smart sensors that are able to process their data at the edge.


Low Power Wide Area Network in Sub-1GHz frequency range is the best choise for building local connectivity solutions in a wide range of applications.


For ubiquitous global applications there exist mobile connectivity solutions based on the GSM with MQTT protocol as well as the new Internent of Things standard NB-IoT.


eptecon’s smart sensor and wireless connectivity solutions can be used globally in a wide range of markets and industry segments.


eptecon provides electronic and embedded software system design and development for advanced data collection, processing and communication for shop floor and building automation.


eptecon provides electronic and embedded software system design and prototyping services that integrate with our clients’ development of medical devices along with  documentation for compliance requirements.


eptecon provides electronic and embedded software system design and development for integration with highly scaleable wearable devices and other consumer appliances.