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Camera Electronics

eptecon provides camera electronics solutions with integrated signal processing for depth sensing, object detection and material analysis.


Smart vision sensors combine different image sensors with image processing electronics and can be used for a wide range of scenarios, like depth sensing or object detection. Image data processing can be configured for the desired application on a programmable logic device.


Spectral sensors measure reflected or transmitted light withing defined spectral range. Processing the measurement results allows to analyse the material which interacts with the light. Today’s integrated spectral sensors are of highest performance and cost efficiency. This allows users to bring materlial analytics from the lab to the sample and opens a wide range of new applications.

Embedded Computers

eptecon provides embedded computer solutions for collecting and processing of sensor data and  transmitting of results to application servers in the cloud or on-premise.


IoT gateways collect data from locally installed sensors and transfer them to a local or cloud based application server. Besides, IoT gateways provide computing power to preprocess the collected sensor data prior to transmitting.  They can be equpped with a wide range of wired or wireless interfaces and can be used in industrial and consumer applications.


Edge AI modules enable machine learning at the data collection point. They provide additional computing power for embedded systems. This enables solutions and new applications based on computer vision and image processing.