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About us

Who we are

We are a team of electronic systems designers, programmers, engineers and project managers with over 25 years total work experience in industrial, medical and radio communication fields. Our work is based on professional project and quality management using best practices of engineering and product development approaches.


We are passionate about developing innovative connected products. Our team consists of specialists with a lot of experience in conducting of complex engineering and product development projects for different industries.


We support our clients in all steps towards their product innovations, from idea to manufacturing. We deliver a ready for production design as well as all tools and documents required for scaling.                        


We care about bringing innovative ideas to market as quickly as possible. Our partner network allows us to realise projects in a fast and reliable way.                                                                                                                   

Collaboration Process

Our collaboration process enables us to carry out projects in professional and reliable way in order to deliver convincing results to our clients.

From requirements gathering over agreeing on the scope of the project to completing the project and final delivery, we work close with our clients to make sure we are an asset to their company.

Our focus is always to complete projects on time and within original budget. However, there are times, the challenges of our client’s design create changes to the original project scope. What we do is to communicate the project status on a routine (weekly) basis to eliminate or reduce surprises.


Listen to the client and collect all information relevant to the requirement. Determine the goal and the scope of the project in collaboration with the client.


Analyze the requirements and develop the optimal solution based on the state-of-the-art technologies. Create detailed technical requirements specification and project plan.


Garther all required ressources and draw on already implemented designs and solutions. Apply knowledge of regulatory standards that may be required for the final solution.


Implement the solution and iterate it until optimized solution is found to give the client the options he needs.


Deliver the best technical solution to the client.

Our Tools

The right tools can have a major impact on a development project. We use professional state of the art tools for development and project management.

Our Partners

eptecon partners with semiconductor firms, manufacturers, and other businesses to help ensure the best in complete product realization services.

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